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Ethanol and Bio Diesel – What are they? Do they make sense?

July 29, 2008

Neither rain, nor sleet nor earthquakes… Boy, that was an interesting ride. The building shook for about 15 seconds due to the 5.8 earthquake that hit not too far from us earlier today. All systems are go so I’ll go forward with today’s posting. Working for a company that specializes in oil condition monitoring, we often […]

Biofuel Plant Reminiscent of Flux Capacitor

July 24, 2008

For those of you who were around when Back to the Future was a box office hit – do you remember the flux capacitor in Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine? It was powered by plutonium and biofuels, in this case – garbage. Well, it looks like we’re getting one step closer to Doc Brown’s innovative power solution. The local (Southern California) news […]

Exposing the 3,000 mile myth

July 22, 2008

For many drivers, the 3,000 mile oil change has gone the way of the 8-track and they are now using condition-based oil changes in conjunction with following the manufacturers recommendations. But here in California, where IntelliStick is based, 73% of California motorists believe they should change their oil more often than the manufacturer recommends. We are pleased […]

Viscosity, Additives and Other Important Considerations

July 16, 2008

Here is a link to a Popular Mechanics article “How to Pick the Right Motor Oil for Your Car”, which explains various oil-related terms such as viscosity, types of oil, additives, etc.

What is the best oil?

July 14, 2008

The answer is…it depends. Ever notice that most of the oil comparison studies are published by oil companies? It should not come as a surprise that each oil company’s product tests better than the competition. Of course it does – the tests are performed in very specific, controlled environments so the tests will come out in their […]

What Onboard Algorithms Don’t Tell You About Your Oil

July 7, 2008

While some of today’s onboard sensors are more sophisticated than their predecessors (which only use engine RPMs to determine when to change oil), they still use an algorithm – not actual oil condition – to determine oil change intervals. Check out this posting from AOL Autos for an explanation of GM’s oil sensor technology: Algorithms can […]