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Biofuel Plant Reminiscent of Flux Capacitor

For those of you who were around when Back to the Future was a box office hit – do you remember the flux capacitor in Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine? It was powered by plutonium and biofuels, in this case – garbage. Well, it looks like we’re getting one step closer to Doc Brown’s innovative power solution. The local (Southern California) news this morning announced that BlueFire Ethanol ( received zoning approval from the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission to operate a $30 million ethanol plant in Lancaster (this is a first for L.A. County). The plant will be located next to the Lancaster Landfill and will make ethanol from biowaste including wood chips, grass cuttings and other organic waste diverted from the landfill. In contrast to corn crops often used by other ethanol production facilities,  biowaste-based ethanol is expected to require less energy to produce, and hopefully help keep down the price of a box of cereal. Construction on the plant is expected to be complete in late 2009. Doc Brown would be proud.


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