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Synthetic Oil with Additive Package = Better Protection

This is a curve from an IntelliStick customer with a 2007 Mini Cooper S, super charged. It is driven in stop and go conditions. This customer uses Royal Purple 5W 30 and bumps it with a BG MOA additive package. BG MOA is a high-end additive package that you can’t purchase at just any auto parts store. For more info on BG MOA, check out their web site at:

In contrast to the customer using a traditional oil without an additive package, this customer’s additive protection lasts nearly twice as long – 800 miles vs. 450 miles. What we don’t know is what the curve would look like without the BG MOA.

Royal Purple with BG MOA

Royal Purple with BG MOA

While the additives are depleted after 800 miles, oxidation will not become a critical issue for at least another 4,000 miles. This customer changes his oil every 5,000 miles. It’s possible he could go longer between oil changes.


8 Responses to “Synthetic Oil with Additive Package = Better Protection”

  1. Thats pretty interesting data collected from intellistick on royal purple
    oil and how that bg moa additive doubles oils longevity in
    the engine of an automobile.

    im curently using synthetic AMSOIL with BG’s MOA oil additive allong
    with FRAM’s top notch synthetic XG filter thinking of switching oil
    brand on next oil change to ROYAL PURPLE.

  2. I found your data to be interesting i curently use AMSOIL
    with BG’s MOA along with FRAM’S synthetic XG oil filter think
    im gonna switch to ROYAL PURPLE next oil chage.

    intellistick is a great tool to really finding out whats
    happening to the oil’s condition in the real world.
    of every day driving. great informative site for the car guru
    looking forward to more data in the near future from your site.

  3. good info

  4. Not sure if i am in the right area. I would like to know if GM new car warranties allow you to use synthetic oil?

    Thanks Bob


  6. that BG MOA really WORKS! i have a 96 cady deville
    ever since used it had a tik tik noise one day i tried
    a can of moa and my noise went away! for good

  7. Hi roger thats because the MOA additive has a lot of the oil
    propertys and quantitys that once were found in past quality oils
    in the past example:

    -large doses of zinc

    -some magnesium

    -phosforus and so on.

    did really play a roll in lubricating and protecting an engine in
    the past but today due too.. and because of tighter emmission standards
    a lot of todays oils propertys has been taken out of the oil and been
    replaced with other lower levels that i mentioned and substatuteded with
    other sub-standard stuff in oil wich makes it a good and not so bad thing.

    dont whant to get in a hole discusion topic about it. but i will say this
    roger that BG MOA is the best additive you can buy for your money i now it is.
    BG makes awsome products for any make or model on my 96 saturn when i first
    bought it with 230.000kms it too had some noises at start up on a rock
    cold engine since then i have used a Napa Gold oil filter its a 59 pleat

    filter in other words “filteres better the oil due to more pleats in the
    oil filter” used amsiol for a while then switched over to royal purple
    5W30 with the bg moa car has now 252.oookms running stronger than ever before
    i do strongly beleive in the BG products too


  8. thought i would post this up for all who havent yet tried the good
    stuff yet… “BG products work heres the facts tests that they
    all work”

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