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Veteran Truck Driver Dies on the Road

If you watch the Today Show you might remember a story they did last spring where the hosts spent time working alongside people who work in some of the most dangerous occupations. This included a long-haultruck driver. Host Meredith Vieira spent time in the cab of Daren Baird’s 18 wheeler. Ms. Baird loved driving and had a 40-year accident-free record. Safety was foremost in her mind. Unfortunately, the truck she was driving yesterday morning during a rain storm plunged over the side of Interstate 275 in Tennessee. The crash was severe and took her life. The Today Show did a follow up piece on Daren. You can see it at:

The next time you are “stuck behind a truck”, please remember what an important service it is truck drivers provide and how dangerous their job is. God bless, Daren.


3 Responses to “Veteran Truck Driver Dies on the Road”

  1. Darren, I heard about this story on xm radio and I was touched by it. As a professional driver, I see accidents almost daily that takes someones life. It is something truck drivers have to deal with and there really is no true way to be 100 percent safe. Great job touching on this story. While I didn’t see the “Today Show” I know exactly how you feel. Truckers Move America. Be safe. Happy Holidays, Dave

  2. I have tried to contact the today show regarding this.. this company she was driving for is know for there practices of unsafe equipment.. believe me I know .. I quit with them in March 08 and that was one of the reasons. It is with Tracie McCormick inc.. I am desperately trying to get them to contact me for more info.. I cannot believe a person with this many years experience lost control on rain.. without contributing factors of bad tires on the trailer .. this is not their first or last fatality within the company.. here is another link.. this driver crashed twice while driving for them.. here is my letter and a few news links all pertaining to this company. .. they need stopped.. before more people lose their lives.. Please take into consideration to talking to me. .. about the company that was

    involved with this sad loss… Tracie McCormick Inc.. enclosed is a copy of my court brief in which I have been fighting the State of Pa.. since May, for benefits.. this company has bad practices of Unsafe equipment.. and a very high (92 of 100) Dot rating.. 100 being BAD..

    the main reason I quit working for them..

    I have a hard time believing Ms. Baird lost control with the amount of experience in which

    she holds to have lost control simply on rain.. . From my experience of working for this company for approx. 3 years.. I will almost guarantee the trailer had bald tires..and the truck and trl. combination was not safe.. this contributing to her accident..

    I am asking you desperately to contact me.. to get more info.. this company needs to

    be brought down.. I have 3 years of documented records that I am willing to turn over to you that show they allowed me to work 72 – 86 hours per week.. (allowed by the rules of the DOT only 70) and falsified log books.. that the company was well aware of … and paid me for all the hours I actually worked..

    This company has had a lot of DOT violations and fines.. and does not stop their unlawful


    Please Help me .. stop them.. and help me make the state recognize that

    this country needs more drivers to stand up and say NO.. I’m not going

    to break the law anymore..

    I have involved our local news WPXI channel 11 .. link below..

    my story linking to speeding trucks aired on Local news Rick Earle

    Investigative reporter..

    your story which was aired today..

    Channel 4

    Channel 2

  3. this is one of her former students from Dekalb Tech Trucking Scool. Rest in peace Ms. D, your spirit will always be with me on the road

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