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High-speed Train

High-speed Train

Today we came across a story about choosing the right lubricant and how it affected the development of high-speed trains in China. We thought it was an interesting story (so we tolerated the PR push by Royal Purple near the end).

We are excited about the prospect of a high-speed train from San Diego to San Francisco. If done properly, we think it could be a huge asset for the state of California. We just hope the bureaucrats can stop bickering, settle on a plan and get to work.

While reading about grease, we also saw this article called “How Grease Kills” from Machinery Lubrication Magazine which gives a breakdown on some of the common mistakes made while regreasing. — We particularly liked the thought near the end that said there may be more than one right way to do things, but there are hundreds of wrongs ways. —


One Response to “lubricants”

  1. Happpened to see the above picture of a high speed train/rail.

    I need to use this picture for some promotional activity.
    Is it possible to get a high resolution (4-5 mb approx)picture of the same..
    Do let me know..


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