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the $10 million oil change

nascarWhen we first saw this Wall Street Journal article about a Nascar team spending $10 million to develop a new oil for it’s cars, our first thought was “whoa, that’s a lot of money.” Then we saw that they’re claiming it gives them an extra 10 horsepower (which might not sound like much, but these races often come down to a fraction of a second). Plus, just one win at a big race would more than recoup those costs — when you factor in the prize money, sponsorship deals, etc.

All of this begs the question — are expensive oils really better for the average driver? We know people who swear by synthetics and others who claim it’s best to keep what you’ve got and maybe supplement it with an additive package. It’s gratifying to us when we hear back from an IntelliStick customer who has tested out different oils in their car and has been able to determine what oil actually is the best for them, in their car and with the way they drive.


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