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condition-based maintenance at UPS

UPS Freight has joined the growing list of companies that are focusing on condition-based maintenance. According to a recent Transportation Topics article, UPS Freight’s telematics systems “will be upgraded with proprietary firmware and an internally developed algorithm” that will help them better manage their trucks and analyze potential problems.

UPS made the move to cut costs. They know the problems of interval-based maintenace — sometimes you don’t find the problem until it’s already too late. A UPS spokeswoman said that the company is aiming for an effective condition-based maintenace system that can reduce the amount of time that critical equipment is out of service for repairs.


One Response to “condition-based maintenance at UPS”

  1. Antx, inc. has an engine monitoring and telemetry system that computes values internally and transmits them to vairous back-end applications that allow direct measurements for condition-based maintenance. For example, the Messenger computes fuel used and distance travelled at various speed, torque and engine loads – allowing the viewer to see degradation in fuel economy based on operational conditions.

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