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the “real world” of maintenance

May 8, 2009

We got a chuckle from this list of 34 Signs You’re Living in the Real World of Maintenance from Reliable Plant. Among our favorites … We have a couple of machines that vacationed in Hawaii on frequent flier miles built up on parts air-shipped in for them. We discussed whether it was possible that a […]

the nasty stuff in cooking oil

December 22, 2008

IntelliStick Monitors Cooking Oil Oxidation, Hydrolysis & Polymerization

ACFTD, GPM, PNA – Bingo!

November 18, 2008

From Noria, a list of lubrication and oil analysis terms and their definitions: Lubrication and Oil Analysis Dictionary. Just about any term you can think of is defined here.

there’s oil in them thar hills

November 13, 2008

EnCana, a Canadian oil and gas company, is using new technologies, horizontal drilling and frack pumping, to extract oil in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Check out the Forbes article to find out how they’re making unconventional drilling a success in North America. For more information on horizontal drilling, check out: For more information on […]

heavy oil – there’s more oil in north america than you may realize

November 7, 2008

What is heavy oil, also referred to as oil sands and tar oil? According to Wikipedia, it is defined as: Oil sands, tar sands, or extra heavy oil is a type of bitumen deposit. Tar sands is a colloquialism for what are technically described as bituminous sands, and commonly known as oil sands or in Venezuela, […]

IntelliStick Is Looking for Beta Customers

October 28, 2008

IntelliStick has been hard at work on the next generation oil condition monitor – the IntelliStickTS – and we’re looking for some innovators who would like to take part in the testing process.     IntelliStick Threaded Sensor The IntelliStickTS includes an RS232 communication package so oil condition can be monitored at remote sites. (Other […]